About the blog

We started out as all home brewers do, brewing extract batches of beer, and working constantly to improve our brewing technique. After several years of brewing extract, we finally made the jump to all grain. We built a 10 gallon pilot system to refine our recipes, and are now following our dream of sharing our passion with others with homebrewer support and education. At the end of the day, it’s about sharing our love and respect of the craft with all of those who have the same passion we do. Come along with us on our journey as we bring the Benham Brewing legacy to our community, and hopefully one day, the world.

meet the brew crew


Got started with a Mr. Beer Kit, and never looked back (well, except to make sure he’s not being followed…).

Favorite Beer Style currently:

Belgian Dark Strong


Chris is the positive influence. No matter what has happened, he always says simply, “We can do it, and “Its gonna turn out fine”. Also known for, “Hold my beer and watch this”.

Favorite Beer Style Currently:

He’s not telling.


Clark keeps things on track and accurate during the brew day. He is not above measuring hop additions to .001 ounces. In a prior life, he was a Miller Light drinker, but we managed to turn him to the craft beer side of the force.

Favorite Beer Style Currently: Eisebock


Marketing Maven with so many brewing connections that she is not at liberty to discuss (say hi to Sam for me..). 

Favorite Beer Style Currently:

Dark barrel Aged beers… and Belgians…and IPA’a… and Sours….


With a love for cooking that translated easily over into the brewhouse. Vanessa is head brewer most brew days, and is responsible for pushing the flavor envelope (and yes… it is possible to put too much pumpkin + oatmeal in a beer…)

Favorite Beer Style Currently: Anything with fruit in it.


Michelle is 100% responsible for the expansion and growth of the brewery. This was due to the unfortunate kitchen boil over of 2007 that forced the brewery to relocate to a larger facility. (aka the garage.)