It’s good to have goals… right?

SOOO…I’ve had this really cool poster in our garage….(cough.. cough…brewery) for years. It’s been a great reference guide during our brew days, as we discuss what beer we want to brew next.

Earlier this year Chris (of the famed Brew Crew), made the suggestion that we should try to brew every style of beer on the chart.

ME: Are you CRAZY???!!!


ME: (SCREAMING INTERNALLY): Challenge accepted.

For those of you at home keeping score…that’s 65 different beer styles we are going to attempt. Some of these we have taken on in years prior, but, GAME ON, we are only counting batches brewed in 2020 (although technically, I don’t think 2020 counts… since it’s the year we would all like to forget. Along those lines…did it actually happen? I digress) But to raise the stakes even higher, dare I forget to mention…a batch can only be counted if it’s good. Meaning we would have to brew it again (SUCCESSFULLY), for it to count. Honestly, that’s a tough one for me, because I am not a big fan of some of the styles. However, we do have a wide range of palettes here at BBHBE (Benham Brewing Homebrewers Edition… I’m trying out the acronym… meh.. not a fan), so we don’t need to be in a majority to agree it’s a good batch (I’m lookin at you… Saison)…But our philosophy still stands…all beer styles are welcome.

If you take a closer look at some of those beer categories, we have some VERY challenging styles. Lambics, for instance. For our followers who are unfamiliar with Lambic beers, they are spontaneously fermented (go ahead, google it, I’ll hold your beer while I wait)…We plan on doing a whole series on Lambic brewing in the future, so stay tuned. Could be amazing.. could be frighteningly bad. All for the love of the craft!

We will keep you updated as we move through our chart. In the meantime, what beer style would you like us to tackle next? Comment below!


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