Just Brewin’ Beer… Making Videos… Chillin…

A few weeks ago we hit a milestone that serves as a right of passage for any serious YouTube channel. The 1,000 subscriber mark. Its a target we set for ourselves a year ago, and thought if we could hit that, THEN and only then would we be legit (little bit of pride on the line admittedly). We were so EXCITED to actually have that many people subscribe and tune into our videos. Its been a fun, and sometimes frustrating journey so far.

So we hit our 1,000 subscriber target, and I’m thinking, “Now we get that really cool YouTube play button that you see hanging up behind so many YouTubers!”

That is, until I actually looked into it.

Turns out.. you need at least 10,000 subscribers to get that silver play button. (queue the sad trombone).

So, I decided if YouTube won’t send us a play button… I would make our own. So, armed with a 3D printed play button, and a piece of cardboard, I got to building (soon to be displayed in our upcoming videos.).

Clearly we don’t take ourselves THAT seriously.

In episode 10 of our podcast (shameless plug for the HotBreak Craft Beercast) we talked a bit about the journey, and the learnings we’ve had. Turns out, I not only enjoy brewing beer, but making the videos is a great creative outlet for me. And for those of you that know me… I really needed ANOTHER time consuming hobby.

I find it fascinating the parallels you can find between the professional brewers, and the brewing YouTubers. In the brewing world, you have these brands all competing for a VERY small slice of the market. But what you find on the local level level, is a brotherhood where everyone is on the same team and supporting each other. Need some extra grain because your suppliers delivery is delayed? No problem. Pop next door to your competitor, and they are more than happy to lend you what you need with a simple “catch me up next time”.

I’m starting to see the same thing with the brewing channels. We are also competing for a very VERY small niche of YouTube. But it is not a cold and unwelcoming community.

Far from it.

The encouragement and comments we get from channels that are WAY bigger and more influential than we are, speaks to a humbleness and an understanding of how much work really goes into making these videos. The fact that they would stop by to leave words of encouragement is, well… encouraging.

So why the parallels?

I think its because both industries take something more than just grinding it out. You have to have a passion to get through those tough days. It keeps you humble. And you always remember where you came from. How you started. When you see the little guy pushing for success, you can’t help but cheer them on.

To be in their corner.

And when someone in the same competitive space reaches out to help you up when you stumble, you remember that. When it comes time for you to be in a position to help others, you always have that moment in time when someone did the same for you. You want to pay it forward.

So the real question to YOU. The next time you see someone stumble, are you going to pay it forward?

Until next time my friends…


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