So I’ve put on a few…

If you don’t have beer on tap in your home… you are missing out. There is nothing like pulling a fresh crisp pint from the tap. Its so soothing… and easy.. way too easy…

Easy to the point where I went to put on my shoes a few months ago, and a “gnng-whooofff” sound emanated from me as I attempted to tie my shoelaces. Looking down, I saw what had speed bumped my shoe tying task.

Ok, to be fair… this pandemic has really empowered more people to learn to homebrew, or even take it up again. For me, it started with the facial hair growth (brewery business plan step one.. grow a beard). Then on to the home improvement projects (cough… cough.. brewery). Then, to the “bars are closed and we may not live to go out again for a pint!”, kind of thinking. All of this, has brought me to my current… rotund situation.

Remember that tap system I mentioned earlier… yeah… that got an upgrade a few months ago from a 4 tapper to a 6 tapper (I’ll post a build guide soon). It was a pretty easy build… but then again, back then, I wasn’t sporting a double stuffed muffin top.

So its not surprising that I have taken on a very well nourished look. To that end, we thought it might be fun to look at some of the low calorie/low carb beers out there. Sure you can just NOT drink beer for awhile (brrrrr… I shudder at the thought…), but who REALLY wants to do that? I was pleasantly surprised to see there are actually quite a number of them now, besides the BIG brewers usual staple.

In addition, we also thought it might be fun to brew up a few of our own versions. They present a unique set of challenges. Balancing low starting and finishing gravity with the hop profile, adding mouthfeel without adding calories/carbs, Etc.

Thus the idea was born to come up with some ways to actually make a low calorie /low carb beer. Stay tuned for more info!

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